Britney Spears Lets Down Her Extensions on the UK's 'Loose Women'

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Oops!... She did it again! And that's an understatement. Britney Spears, AKA Godney, is serving up some major promo this era for her ninth studio (really great) album, Glory. If you're a longtime soldier of the #BritneyArmy, then you know that the Princess of Pop lacks a penchant for promo. But, thank Godney, have things changed, albeit mostly in the UK. Reminder: in recent days, Brit Brit got her helium crooning on/gifted Alexander Skarsgard a G-Rated kiss on The Jonathan Ross Show, offered some serious side-eye re: Rylan's dance moves on This Morning, and, today (October 4th), let her extensions down on the always hilarious Loose Women.

Besides her adorable "Are you guys really loose women?" curious (that's a reference to her first perfume, y'all) quip and her bubble-gum chomping, the interview was pretty safe. In other words, per usual, Brit Brit lit up like her glistening/iconic "Toxic" music video outfit (and by outfit, we mean the gems-glued-to-her-banging-bod thing), while chatting it up about her kids. #MomOfTheCentury Apparently, the Brits love playing fluff games with Brit Brit, and this time was the Justin Bieber, Madonna and Simon Cowell edition of "Snog, Marry, Avoid." (Spoiler alert: she snogged AND married the Biebs, opting to avoid both Cowell and *GASP* Madge.) In addition, the "Make Me…" singer revealed that she loathes running on the treadmill alone, and sticks to working out with a few girlfriends, hitting up some classes, and teaching kids how to dance on the weekend. Aw! And then came a magical moment: Britney putting on her knee-high socks ("...Baby, One More Time" sartorial-slaying homage, anyone?!) and dancing shoes combo to teach the Loose Women a few sultry moves. This translated to some struts, a subtle booty smack, and a "boo!" Sigh. Nothing results in many a heart explosion like Britney, bitch letting loose.

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