Remember that Britney Spears has been in our lives for nearly 14 years, enough time to grow from not a girl to not yet a woman, to a mother, wife and every umbrella-related persona in between. A fitting counterpart to our own previous examination of the evolution of Britney's dance moves, the video below takes us through the years to prove just how much the little Louisiana girl has changed before our very eyes. From Britney as a cute baby brunette, to a blond pop star with fluctuating hairstyles, momentarily bald train wreck and heavily sedated shell of herself (notice how the eyes are stagnant for the latter third of the clip) we revisit crucial moments in her career and the tabloid fodder associated with them, with special appearances by Kevin Federline, Paris Hilton and current fiancé Jason Trawick. What's your favorite Britney era? Relive the good, the bad and the bald, below.