After her horrible case of photoshopping, which garnered an apology from Lucky magazine, Britney Spears stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday, along with Simon Cowell, to promote The X Factor's upcoming live shows. Unrelated: Has Simon had any work done recently? Or was he packing Hurricane Sandy pounds (in his cheeks) in effort to provide moral support to his friends on the East Coast?

In greeting television latest odd couple, Jay revealed what each thought of the other before the show ("She's cute, she's one of the most famous people in the world," Simon purred), probing the X Factor boss about whether or not he felt Brit could handle the outbursts from fans displeased by her critiques during these episodes. "I know you, I see you, you're not used to getting booed," Jay said to the star. "No," Britney replied, defiantly shaking her head at anyone who ever questioned her decision to release "If You Seek Amy" as a single. "You don't get booed! And they're booing you! What do you do? Is this like, 'Oh my gosh?"" he continued. "You just like, cringe! You're like, oh my God!" she shrieked, blunt bangs refusing to budge in her dismay. Problem solved: The secret to shushing boo birds is obvious killing 'em with decibels. Try it out next time, Mark Sanchez.

Despite her confidence and assumed pre-show hours spent in the hair and makeup chair, there were still some who were concerned by Britney's wardrobe choices and demeanor.

And unlike the late-night shows who opted to go on, even without live audiences, during the heart of Hurricane Sandy, unprecedented freak weather outbursts can't be blamed. Watch some clips below.