Finally a glimpse of that Star Search performance we've only be waiting 20 years or so to hear again! While there's been evidence that Ms. Spears can in fact carry a tune, her overproduced and uninspired (or just heavily lip synced) live performances make it easy to forget. "Hold It Against Me" isn't the most sophisticated or vocally challenging track on her album (or on any), but there is a good amount of validation in hearing Spears actually pull it off herself, without the assistance of massive amounts of auto-tune. (But then again, has the bar been set that low? Oh yes, it has.) If this version (allegedly from an early studio session for Femme Fatale) continues to be well received, maybe she'll start working on stirring batch of ballads to showcase her true abilities? That could be her real comeback. But then again, do we really want strong vocals when we could have this instead?