Britney Spears’ banging body is real and is hard earned... don’t y’all claim otherwise!

The 32-year-old mom-of-two is hitting back at claims she fakes her six-pack and is sharing details of her grueling workoutsPopdust has the lowdown.

Brit was first accused of airbrushing her abs after posting a photo on Instagram of her dancing during a rehearsal for her Las Vegas show just after the Holidays.

“Ur Abs are so fake!” Sneered one fan.

“I see the spray tan marks from the abs,” claimed another.

“Oh my gosh. If having a nice body was really that important to you, you should be working out not painting them on!” Said another.

Not so though claims Brit Brit in a new interview with Shape magazine, insisting she works hard for her body.

“I’m doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week in addition to a lot of cardio - hour-long sessions three times a week with my trainer, Tony Martinez,” Britney shares.

“This year I have new choreographers,” she explains. “They're fresh and upcoming guys so their stuff is really hard. It's more rewarding after you perform something that's really hard to do rather than something that you just throw together.”