It doesn't have Kanye. It doesn't have the Arcade Fire. It doesn't even have Sleigh Bells. But the poster for "Brochella"—a parody of Coachella that dispenses with the desert fest's indie cred in favor of bands like Nickelback, Kid Rock, and, uh, Akon—has been bringing the lols to many bored office workers who are sitting around and waiting for Kanye's next Tweet about his set list for the festival to drop.

nightmare in the desert

First things first: This joke has actually been around for a while. (April 25 falls on a Monday this year, so figure that it goes back to 2008.) But a festival with all these bands, while probably pretty uncool (and in the case of Brooke Hogan and a few others, borderline unlistenable), would very likely do well for whatever concert promoter put it on. Kid Rock just played to 60,000 people in Detroit—and that was for a plain old concert, not a three-day extravaganza featuring a wide variety of bands that sell records to people who don't want to admit they bought their albums. He's also hosting his own cruise, so a festival could be like that, only with much less water! Or like Gathering Of The Juggalos, only with fewer flying feces! (The promoters should seriously think about keeping the helicopter rides, though.)