Brooke Burke kicked my butt and I liked it

Following Michelle Obama's philosophy of living out loud, Burke has the playlist for you in this Poise Moment

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Brooke Burke kicked my ass. There, I said it. I'm sweaty, sore, laying on a mat wondering why I am sweating and if anyone else notices my leg is not above my head for the twentieth rep, or as I have come to call it, the final "last one". What does that mean? It means that 19 reps ago Brooke Burke looked me in my eyes and said "last one" with a smile and a tight core, and because the end was near, I gave it my all. Why? If you have to ask, Brooke Burke has never looked you in the eyes. It's comforting and frightening at once. So here I am, hot, stretched out, deliriously smiling and exhausted. Honestly, I haven't felt that way in a while under any circumstances, so I'm not complaining, but to understand why I am here, you have to go back to where it started. A phone call.

"I'm all about anyone stepping outside of their comfort zone...I don't want to miss a beat in my life.One of thee things I love about this campaign is that it is teaching women, don't miss a thing."

After an amazing phone interview last week, I was invited to participate in a Pelvic Floor Exercise class with Brooke. In the interview, she mentioned having an intense workout class, Booty Burn, that she teaches multiple times a week in Malibu, but that this Poise Moment class was providing a different experience. Brooke said there would be smoothies, healthy snacks, and honestly, I read this as a perfect example to be the star pupil in an older class, eat healthy, get in a little exercise, and feel like a healthy person keeping up with her 2017 goals and lifestyle changes. I know, I can be horrible, but in the words of my best friend, "Little W's, you don't always need the big wins."

And, come on, it's Brooke Burke. The same woman who masters every task put before her, especially in the last couple of years. Before she won hit television show, Dancing With The Stars–and then went to host it for 8 years–she had several guest spots on television shows, and hosted E!'s first hit show, "Wild On!". Now the 45 year old wife, mother of four (she had her last child at 36), actress and fitness enthusiast is on a Trump-less "Celebrity Apprentice". Which led me to ask two questions; how does she do it all, and what did she think about the Women's March on Washington.

I always feel bad about asking the first question of women. It either places them in a position to divulge secrets of success or admit they aren't perfect. Brooke has no problem answering either question. She has come to adopt Michelle Obama's "live out loud" philosophy, another reason why she supports the recent Women's March, "it's important to see women rally together in that format."

"I think I used to strive for perfect balance, but I figured out after my fourth child that's an impossible dream...I get involved in things that I'm really passionate about now...They all have synergy when it comes to championing for women."

And thus enters this partnership with Poise, bringing awareness to women of Light Bladder Leakage, physical health, nutrition, and busting myths. If I listened to the talk between Dr. Sheppherd and Brooke Burke before the class, I would have known that LBL affects 1 in 3 women, and they all aren't over 60. I would have known that getting physical would help aid LBL, and I would have been able to predict that I would be laid out, exhausted, on a mat and not the shining star pupil. But Brooke is the queen of impossible tasks. She's drawn to them. She conquer's them. Like Michelle Obama, she lives out loud. Being the music lover that I am, I had to ask her, what would be on her Live Out Loud Playlist. So here it is:

  1. "There Must Be Love", David Morales
  2. "Rise Up", Andra Day
  3. "Dream", Fleetwood Mac
  4. "Locked Out Of Heaven", Bruno Mars
  5. "Ain't Your Mama", Jennifer Lopez
  6. "Real Love", Clean Bandit
  7. "Freedom", George Michael