Brooke Hogan Is Going To Restart Her Pop Career

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Remember when Brooke Hogan was trying to be a pop star? Sure you do! She had a top forty hit with Paul Wall back in 2006 with "About Us," and then followed it up with the most iconic album cover of 2009 with her 'artistic' The Redemption artwork.

We thought Brooke had given up on her musical dreams after a year-long stint on TNA wrestling and starring roles in movies like L.A. Slasher and 2-Headed Shark Attack, but it looks like the aspiring songstress is still charging ahead with plans to release new music later this year.

The 26-year-old uploaded a clip of a new song titled "Beautiful" on her instagram account this week, accompanied by the caption: "#scratchvocals New song "beautiful" produced by @mykemartyr written by me, drew Davis and @stratcat6 . Out later this year."

The last thing we heard about Brooke's music career was that she was in Nashville reinventing herself as a country artist, but judging by the 2012-era EDM sound of "Beautiful," she's decided to scrap that idea and go back to making pop music. That's probably a wise idea, considering that her last album is actually pretty good. Seriously, it's a good pop album! It just got savaged by everybody because the name Brooke Hogan was attached to it, but had you slapped Britney's name on there instead, it would've been received a lot differently.

We're excited for your comeback Brooke, even if nobody else is!