Brown Eyed Girls' Jea Teases Finger Lickin' Solo Album

JeA, the powerhouse vocal diva from K-pop's edgiest girl group, Brown Eyed Girls, teased her upcoming solo album earlier today with this tasty promo photo. As expected from one of the Brown Eyed Girls, the teaser pic doesn't hint at your typical K-pop concept. JeA's coquettishly sucking on her thumb, with a picture of a cute pussy cat drawn onto the palm of her hand. It isn't quite the imagery we were expecting from the 31-year-old, who's released a string of OST power ballads in the past, and only ever experimented with bolder styles as part of Brown Eyed Girls.

JeA's solo EP is due out on January 4th, with a buzz single dropping earlier on December 28th. She's the fourth and final member of BEG to go solo, following successful solos from Narsha, Ga-In, and Miryo. Ga-In topped our Best K-pop Music Videos of 2012 list with her orgasmic hit, "Bloom," while Miryo's single, "Dirty," came in at No. 6, so our expectations for JeA to knock her solo debut out of the ball park are pretty high.

While we wait for JeA's EP to arrive, check out this video of her singing one of her big ballad tunes, below.