Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha And Miryo Are Releasing a Subunit Album This Month

So, it turns out that Girls' Generation winning YouTube's Video of the Year award isn't the only spectacularly amazing thing to happen in the world of K-pop today. It's just been announced that Miryo and Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls --also known as K-pop's most talented and overall perfect girl group-- will be releasing a mini-album together as a subunit.

The pair are reportedly looking to launch in mid-November, and are currently in the process of wrapping up some final recording stuff.

We're trying really hard not to completely freak out right now!

The pair have previously worked together on covers and OST tracks like "This Winter" and "I Love You," and even recorded a duet called "Leggo" for Miryo's solo album, which they performed live on Music Bank.  Putting them together as an official unit makes a lot of sense for multiple reasons. Firstly, the solo career of the group's most popular member, Ga-In, is managed exclusively by a different agency, and Brown Eyed Girls already made a full group comeback in July. JeA was also the last Brown Eyed Girl to release a solo project, so it's Narsha and Miryo's turn now. And lastly, Narsha and Miryo probably have more chance of charting well if they release something together, rather than apart -- it's not like Brown Eyed Girls are as popular as they used to be.

Anyway, we're excited, we can't wait, and this is probably going to be completely fantastic as long as they stick with their unique style and don't get too conventional on us all of a sudden.


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