About time Adele at least had a legitimate competitor to keep her honest and make sure she stays on her game. Her reign at #1 on the album charts, which has taken up all of the 2012 calendar year, has been largely uncontested thusfar, but that's about to change. Bruce Springsteen, career seller of over 65 million albums in the U.S. alone, released an album yesterday—Wrecking Ball, his first album since 2009's Working on a Dream, which sold 224,000 in its first week. Now HITS Daily Double reports that Wrecking Ball will about match Working's first-week numbers, selling somewhere between 200-225k this week—about the same amount of copies that Adele's 21 is projected to move.

Of course, chart history is at stake here, sort of—one more week on top (24 total) and Adele's 21 ties Prince's Purple Rain and Bee Gees and friends' Saturday Night Fever soundtracks, and becomes the longest-running #1 since Michael Jackson's Thriller (which she would still need several more months at pole position to match). Does Bruce have enough stuff left at age 62 with his 17th full-length studio album to stage a coup? We'll let you know as soon as we do, and we're looking forward to finding out ourselves—we like the Bruce album, but it doesn't quite feel right to have him to be the one to finally unseat her, does it?