Bruno Mars and His Fedora Star in New "SNL" Promo

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Bruno Mars is up to the task of serving double-duty on Saturday Night Live this weekend, as both musical guest and host of the late-night smorgasbord. We're confident performing his new single, "Locked Out of Heaven," will be a priority, but what will he do for the remaining 86 minutes? Bruno's a born showman, who's previously shown off how his sense off humor can prevail over his own laziness. But if monkey suits didn't leave you convinced of his grasp on comedic timing—and they should, as humans dressing as animals continues to be a thing—new promos from NBC offer a few ideas.

Enter Bruno and SNL vet Fred Armisen, casually chilling in front of the studio's soundboards while discussing what the Grammy nominee might consider doing come 11:35 on Saturday night. Enter jokes about what constitutes a triple threat, and the arguable point that Mr. Mars hasn't quite reached that plateau. One thing he has conquered, though, is the accessory world. "So you're a hat guy, huh?" asks Armisen. "Yep, absolutely!" Guess our loving tribute to his fedora only deepened his feelings for headwear; he's almost gone full John Mayer with this one. Call it his version of the security blanket? Watch below.