Bruno Mars' "It Will Rain": Now With Skylar Grey

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Here's an experiment: try Googling "skylar grey twilight." You'll probably be as shocked as we were that the only results that come up were for this: Grey, who's touring Europe with Bruno Mars, sang Mars' Breaking Dawn soundtrack cut "It Will Rain" with him in Austria. That's it! No secret Twilight obsessions, no tattoos of werewolves, vampires or wars/affairs between the two, no presumably meaningful quotes about Edward's chiseled, sparkling skin. Just this performance.

Oh, about the performance itself? Grey's contribution is soft and minimal; it's all about Bruno and his rain-slick voice. The crowd doesn't seem to mind this at all--notice how the cheers are as loud for the prospect of a new Bruno Mars song than it having something to do with Twilight. And we're sure it's a nice break for Skylar to sing with someone cuddlier than Marilyn Manson. It's a shame that here, she feels so invisible.

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