Buried Alive—Geoffrey’s Extreme Hoarding Means He May Lose Custody Of His Kids

They say one man’s treasure is another man’s junk—and never is that so true as when it comes to extreme hoarders.

TLC’s hit show, Hoarding: Buried Alive returns to TV tonight—Popdust has a sneak peek at the premiere episode.

Compulsive hoarder Geoffrey’s home is packed to the rafters with collectables and clutter, spilling out into the garden, which resembles a junk yard.

The single father of two was forced to sell the family home of 46 years after the bank threatened foreclosure—his friend brokered a deal whereby Geoffrey could remain in the property for 18 months in the hope he would be able to clear his massive hoarding stash.

However, it’s just weeks away from moving day and it looks like he hasn’t managed to dispose of a single item.

Geoffrey’s hoarding compulsion has already cost him his health and it could now end up also  costing him a fortune as the new owners will likely penalize him financially for not leaving the property empty.

Ironically, his unwillingness to let go of his possessions could also mean he will lose them forever as he is forced to leave them behind in the house.

Most worrying of all though is he faces loses custody of his children if he is unable to prove he can provide a safe and clean living environment for them.

Watch the new episode of Hoarding Buried Alive tonight at 9pm (ET/PT) on TLC

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