How BURST Makes My Whole Day Better

I used to always buy my toothbrushes in the grocery store. You know - those cheap, plastic ones beside the toothpaste. I thought they were totally fine until my dentist told me I need to start using a better toothbrush.

But what one? She recommended I start using the BURST Sonic Toothbrush. I really did need to start taking better care of my teeth, so I treated myself to the Rose Gold Burst Sonic Toothbrush.

And wow, it's the best toothbrush I've ever used. I didn't know my mouth could feel so clean. I mean, it vibrates 33,000 times a minute, so maybe I should've expected that! I love all the different modes - whitening, massage, and sensitive.

The bristles are coated with charcoal so that has really helped whiten my teeth. Plus, I know I'm spending the right amount of time brushing my teeth with the 30-second intervals and 2-minute timer.

I worried I'd be charging it every day, but I got it a month ago, used it every day (multiple times) and only have to recharge it now! I'm loving it and the travel case sooo much that I bring it everywhere with me. Who knows when you'll have to banish those coffee stains or get rid of that lingering lunch?

Here is how I used my Burst Sonic Toothbrush in just one day;

Morning: 8 am

I can't start my day till I get my caffeine fix - I'm sleepwalking till I get those first few sips of coffee. But as much as I can't live without it, I can live without the stains it leaves on my teeth! So once I have that last drop I'm straight into my bathroom to brush those coffee stains away with my BURST toothbrush. And then I'm ready for my day to begin.

Stinky Lunch: 1 pm

More garlic and onion is what I say. And that is exactly what I said for my lunch, it made my veggie satay stir fry even tastier so no regrets! But I did have a meeting right after lunch and felt super self-conscious of my breath. 2 minutes in with my BURST Toothbrush made sure I was fresh again and ready for my meeting.

Before A Date: 7 pm

I'm a busy woman and my weekends are precious to me, so weeknight dates are my thing. Luckily, the wine bar around the corner from my office is the perfect spot. I'm strictly a red wine drinker, but it totally strains my teeth. So a quick trip to the restrooms to get rid of the wine before any strains set in is essential! And of course, if it's going well, having fresh breath is a must, too!

Before Bed: 11 pm

Ah, my favorite time, sleep! Right after my variable skincare nightly routine, I use my BURST Toothbrush for the last time in the day. I take my time using the whitening mode first, followed by the massage mode to give my gums a clean too. My gums used to bleed a lot but doing this every night, but BURST has really helped that stop.

As you can see, I can't live without my BURST toothbrush! It gives me the best results I have ever seen, and my dentist tells me it has made a huge difference to my dental hygiene.

Their subscription means I get a new brush head delivered every 3 months, so I never have to worry about running out. It's taught me so much about how to correctly brush my teeth, that I just love using it.

Crazy I know, and the BURST kits, which also contain their amazing Expanding Floss, start at just $74.99!

Update: Limited Time Offer! Our friends at BURST are extending a special offer to our readers! Get up to 35% OFF a toothbrush bundle today!

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