But To Be Fair, Is It Any More or Less Creepy Than the Actual "Hello" Video?

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When confronted with a viral video like this movie-character singalong to Lionel Richie's "Hello"—featuring clips from just about every movie you've ever seen except Mean Girls—the same sort of questions always abound. Whose idea was this? Why did they take the time and energy and precious, precious bandwidth to put it together? What made them decide to use the clip of John Cusack from Being John Malkovich saying the word "inside," instead of any of the other tens of millions of other movie characters who have said the word "inside" at some point in their screen history? And whatever happened to that bust of Lionel's head, anyway? Did it feel cold to the touch, or surprisingly warm?

One thing's for sure: Good call with the "I love you" at the end coming from Sharon Stone in Total Recall. No more sincere declaration of amorousness in movie history.


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