Watch this 5'8" NFL player's hilarious dunk attempt

Maybe that's why they call it "football"

Cairo Santos is the Kansas City Chiefs' 5'8" tall kicker, and he's here to show you why 5'8" tall NFL players don't play basketball.

In a hilarious slow-motion video set to R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly," (a la Space Jam) Santos, who is almost a foot shorter than the average NBA player, tries to dunk a basketball while wearing teammate Mitchell Schwartz's size 18 cleats.

Check out Santos' hoop skills:

Again, for reference, Santos is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and weighs just 161 pounds. His teammate (and gracious shoe-loaner) Mitchell Schwartz is 6'5", and weighs 320 pounds (that's the equivalent of two Cairo Santoses).

At least Santos managed to hit the net with the ball.

Generally, NFL kickers are known for being the smallest, weakest players on the field, so it's not really a surprise that Santos missed the shot. But NFL players are generally freakishly athletic, as evidenced by this video of skill position players dunking basketballs.

That video even has 6'4", 330 pound defensive lineman Haloti Ngata dunking. Get outta here! That means his vertical jump is almost three feet – for a dude who weighs 330 pounds, that's pretty impressive. Will the next Pro Bowl Skills Challenge feature a dunk contest instead of a dodgeball game?

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