Wherever you live, it's likely your commute to work on public transportation is comparable to the seventh circle of hell, with the cramped spaces, crabby seatmates and those passengers who think clipping their toe nails in public is acceptable. While we usually have our own soundtrack prepared for these torturous times, it would be nice if the various modes of transport provided their own mood music to ensure everyone remains calm. Luckily one New Jersey traveler is a full step ahead of us. On Monday morning, this unidentified vigilante had no qualms about sharing his love for the Golden State with his fellow passengers on a Jersey City, NJ bus, singing "California Gurls" at full volume at 8 a.m.—from a disc man! We'll cut him some slack because he had to stand while riding—and because New Jersey transit is notorious for regularly causing passenger headaches—plus, there are worse things he could have been listening to. The guy behind him never manages to crack a smile, though, which proves he either hates Katy Perry or just life in general. At least this Perry fan wasn't stupid enough to eat spaghetti while the bus was in motion. Hey, Mr. California Gurl: if you need a stand in for Snoop Dogg on your ride home today, we're available.