Fans of the late, and mostly great, The O.C. probably have a soft spot for Rachel Bilson's Summer Roberts—unless they lack a sense of humor and a beating heart. Nostalgia for the effortless cool of Phantom Planet's "California" and Ryan Atwood's reliable punches has likely left you wondering why Roberts Bilson hasn't become a bigger star. Since the show's finale in 2007, we've had to wait four long years for Bilson to find a new home, ultimately watching her take residency on The CW's Hart of Dixie this fall. Funny or Die has a few clues for what attributed to this delay: it was Bilson's fault all along! She was too focused on her other, less publicized carer. As a rapper. The music video "Call Me Doctor" catches the high school student turned doctor chastising crew members for doubting her ability to portray a character in the medical field ("Two words: Doogie Howser). This is the woman who can believably embody Wonder Woman and ace her SATs. Designer lab coats shouldn't be used against her. Kreayshawn may have gotten a leg up on some of her video tropes—gold hoops and car posing—but Bilson's not looking for recognition ("Jay and 'Ye can keep The Throne cause I don't give a damn"). She's really just out to prove that little five-feet-nothing girls have game and can see over the operating table.

For a parody, the song has an infectious beat and Bilson boasts surprisingly decent flow. (Don't shoot!) We look forward to hearing her second single, "Bagel Slicer," featuring Sandy "Eyebrows" Cohen. Where you been, Mischa Barton?