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"Call Me Maybe" Gets Mashed Up With Least Likely Rihanna Song

If you were tasked to make a mashup of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," as everyone is tasked after hearing the song twenty times, what would you do? OK, that's a little broad. Suppose you're specifically tasked to mash it up with a Rihanna song. Even that's still broad, though--she's got enough singles to fill five bars. (Metaphorically and otherwise.) But you can narrow it down. To match "Call Me Maybe," you'd probably want something upbeat, uptempo and major-key; the obvious choice is "We Found Love." "We Found Love, Maybe." That still more or less fits both songs' storyline, right? It works with the call, it works with the fall. And yes, it's been done.

But suppose you want to get into the deep cuts. Rihanna's career, luckily enough, is so prolific that a major-release single can now qualify as a "deep cut." So here's "California King Bed," Rihanna's ballad about love, loss, large beds and lonely guitars. It's not the first song you'd guess to mash up with Our Girl Carly Rae's crush-happy track, but as it turns out, "Call Me Maybe" works surprisingly well as a power ballad. And why not? As Spin points out, "Call Me Maybe" was originally a folk song, because Carly Rae Jepsen was originally a folkie. One mark of a great song is that you can put it into all kinds of contexts. Here's one more.

Incidentally, this guy did an Adele/Britney mashup last year that's solid too.

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