Are you at a Calvin Harris rave right now? No, most likely not. (If you're browsing music blogs during a rave, you might fundamentally be missing the point of a rave, and if it's blog posts about a rave, that's a level of meta too far.) Calvin Harris has got a problem with this. He's got a problem whether you're in Brazil or Tokyo or someplace else entirely. Really, that's your excuse? Geography? Pah. What you clearly need is to go on an international caper, It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World-style, until you finally arrive at the thousands-strong dance arena. Don't ask. Just do. The guys in the video have already got a head-start.

The above does not apply if you are Ne-Yo. In that case, you can just hang out in a car by yourself.

(Side note: That's an awful lot of "let's go! right now! do it better, make it faster!" lyric, right? And lots of breakdancing and boxing and otherwise athletic pursuits in the video. Odds of this being used heavily during the Olympics? The nationality's close enough.)