Rita Ora has had such a history of working with famous people already in her short career—being mentored by Jay-Z, writing songs with Drake, getting guest appearances from Tinie Tempeh—that it's not hard to believe that she nearly had a Calvin Harris collab on her resume as well. That's what she claimed recently, according to UK rag The Sun, which reported Ora saying she had been offered "Call My Name," the Harris-written jam that ended up being performed by Cheryl Cole, but turned it down. "I do like the song but I didn't want to sing it 'cos it's not really me," Ora apparently told the paper. "I don't want to go down the dance route that a lot of other popstars are doing....I prefer to have my own sound and do my own thing."

Fair enough, but Calvin has a problem with all this—he says he never actually offered her the song. The songwriter/producer tweeted the following refutation yesterday:


Well well. Very interesting. We'll wait for all the facts to come out before passing any kind of judgment—it seems pretty likely to us this is just a misunderstanding, or a quote taken out of context—but we wouldn't hate it if some kind of feud came out of this. Rita vs. Calvin? Rita vs. Cheryl? Calvin and Cheryl vs. Rita and Drake? Can we get Rihanna in there too somewhere? We're in, no matter what.