Camille Cosby Finally Testifies About Husband Bill Under Court Order

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Despite the last minute emergency motions filed by Bill Cosby’s attorneys to halt the proceedings, Camille Cosby was forced by court order to testify Monday morning about her husband's behavior.

She was deposed in a suit filed by seven women charging that Bill Cosby and his representatives defamed them by calling them liars when they came forward with their allegations of assault.

The deposition, at a Marriott hotel, is the first testimony from Mrs.Cosby since 50-plus women went public with allegations that Cosby sexually assaulted them.

The world has been waiting to hear from Camille Cosby about her stance toward her husband, in the wake of all that has transpired since her one tweet last year that sought to depict him as a victim.

Will she finally speak out as a wronged woman? Or will she continue to remain loyal to her husband, no matter what?

Joseph Cammarata, the lead plaintiffs’ attorney, said before the deposition:

She is someone close to him for 50 years. Finally, we can vindicate our clients.

Cammarata maintains that the testimony of Camille Cosby, who has served as her husband’s business manager, is key to learning about Cosby's 'relationship to her and his relationship to other women.'

Monique Pressley, one of Cosby's defense attorneys, had argued against using the Marriott hotel as a venue, claiming that the news media would

intimidate or emotionally aggravate this witness.

Well, we can't have that. Poor Camille!

The judge, however, responded that it wasn't the first time a 'deposition of some notoriety' has taken place at the hotel.

Before Mrs. Cosby's arrival,  a row of black curtains was erected to block reporters’ view of the proceedings in a hotel meeting room.

Occasionally, the media could hear chatter and laughter from behind the curtains, according to the Washington Post. In an amusing twist (to me, anyway) the other event in the meeting area was the Brazilian Blowout Roadshow.

The judge ruled that Mrs. Cosby 'may refuse to answer deposition questions which call for testimony prohibited by the marital disqualification rule' but her communications with Cosby as his manager are not protected.

Cosby is scheduled to be deposed in the civil suit in March.