Can't a Young Man Freestyle Over Kanye Anymore? Chris Brown Goes In On Two Songs

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It's been like a month or two since we heard Chris Brown rapping about something, so you knew it was just a matter of time. The release of two Kanye songs (have these two ever collaborated? Does 'Ye hate Brown because Jay does?) is occasion enough for Breezy to get back on the mic, and we now have him spitting rhymes over "Way Too Cold" (ugggh "Theraflu" was such a better title) and "Mercy." The latter contains the odd boasts ""I got a whole lot of girls in Dubai / I got a bush bitch in the Outback" and "Got them Louboutins on / Kick a nigga in his face" (shouldn't you use regular sneakers for that?), while the former features Brown claiming "Who gives a fuck about later, Bitch I'm on now," which seems like a pretty good summation of the last three-plus years of his career.

Don't you have an album or something to be working on, Chris? Not that we're ungrateful for the free blasts, but c'mon, the fans are getting impatient. Eyes on the prize, Breezy.


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