Still going—nothing can stop the Jiggaman. He keeps going, and....wait, crap, wrong brand. Pop's newest pop has announced a partnership with battery superpower Duracell, who along with Energizer are kind of like the Jay and Kanye of this electrochemical energy game. (You choose which is which.) Billboard reports that Jay will not only be joining the company via a multi-year investment deal, but will also "serve as the face and voice of the Duracell Powermat JV." So from now on, when you hear the name Jay-Z, you'll think batteries first and hip-hop second. (And professional basketball a very distant third.)

"I believe in the future of wireless energy and I believe that Duracell Powermat is the company to bring on the revolution," Jay said of the union via an obviously impassioned press statement. "I'm partnering with Duracell Powermat because they're providing the solutions for the future." Of course, Duracell are equally smitten with their new celeb spokesman. "When we thought about bringing together representatives from best-in-class categories, Jay-Z was the natural choice to be the new face and voice of Duracell Powermat," explained Stassi Anastassov, President of Duracell, P&G, in a statement of his own.

Of course, this is all preaching to the converted—no need to sell us on the virtue of Duracell. Bunny be damned, it's been all about the copper top for us as long as we can remember.