If you asked people before the year 2012 who would be the first non-Adele artist to hold #1 on the Billboard 200 for multiple consecutive weeks...well, they'd probably be able to guess that it was a non-obvious artist, because otherwise why would you be asking such an esoteric predictive question? Even still, Lionel Richie probably wouldn't be the first name who came to mind, he who hadn't had a chart-topping album since 1986 and hadn't been a recording artist of any level of relevance for nearly as long. But indeed, in the album's third week of release, Lionel's Tuskegee spends a second week at pole position, with about 114,000 copies sold.

Bad news for Jason Mraz, then, whose Love is a Four Letter Word (awww, Jason) comes up just short at #2 with 102k sold, and for Train, whose California 37 falls a couple rungs below at #4 with 76k moved. (The two debuts are still the best-ever placings for their respective adult-contemporary-fixture artists, however.) Georgia rapper Future also makes a top ten bow with his debut Pluto (#8, 41k), and of course, still hanging around near the top, keeping everybody else honest and making sure nobody has one of those Cake-like chart-toppers, is Adele's 21 (holding strong at #3, 90k sold).

Next week should be another week of flux for the album charts, though HitsDailyDouble is projecting that Jack White should be able to take the top spot with six digits' worth of first-week sales for his solo debut Blunderbuss. Not bad for the ex-frontman, considering that Meg was obviously the brains behind the whole White Stripes organization.