Cara Delevingne Very Much In Love With On-Off Girlfriend St. Vincent

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Cara Delevingne assured her twitter followers that she is very much in love, following hints of a break-up with alt-rock singer St. Vincent (Annie Clark.)

Cara had posted fragments of sad poetry in the preceding days, strongly hinting at a broken heart. But in response to the ensuing rumors, Cara set the record straight.

Cara, 22, has a reputation as a wild child, and her social life is filled with hand-holding gal pals. Last year she had a well-publicized fling with Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez that sputtered out as quickly as it began.

But by all accounts, Cara and St Vincent, 32, have been seeing each other since December. They've appeared officially as a couple only once, at a Burberry event, but have been seen together on the streets of New York City for weeks.

Asked by Rolling Stone if she is lesbian or bisexual, St. Vincent answered:

I don’t think about those words. I believe in gender fluidity and sexual fluidity. I don’t really identify as anything.I think you can fall in love with anybody. I don’t have anything to hide.

Good to know! Cara herself seems rather fluid, having been linked with Hurry Stiles and Jake Bugg.

Asked recently about relationships, Cara was coy::

I’m someone who loves to chase; I’m a bit of a predator but not in a weird way. But I do love a chase and I also love to be chased. It depends on how your chemistry works.

Let's hope the chemistry keeps working for Cara and Annie. What a great power couple for Millennials to idolize, with a combined pop culture clout that might rank with Jay Z and Beyonce or Kim and Kanye.

Okay fine, not Kim and Kanye, but still up there! Further proving that her heart belongs to St Vincent, Cara Instagrammed a picture of the singer-songwriter as a beautiful wide-eyed child, with only a little red heart emoji as her comment. Very romantic and very sweet.

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