Careful With That Contract—Behind The Scenes Secrets Of The Voice Sure Aren’t Pretty

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Everyone loves to hate on reality TV. We get it, it’s scripted, it’s not real, but come on, can’t us fans hold on to that tiny bit of hope beneath all the bullshit, there is some semblance of truth? Turns out the answer is no....we totally cannot.

Ever hear of The Voice? Of course you have, it’s NBC’s smash hit reality television singing competition. Think Adam Levine, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Usher and a bunch of other big shots. And guess what, it’s another show with a whole lot of secrets going on behind the scenes.

The NY Daily News have gotten their hands on a leaked legal document that all contestants must sign before appearing on the show, and man, is it enlightening (not to mention completely depressing).

What the contract pretty much confirms is that anything and everything that could have legitimized the competition can be overwritten, manipulated, and ignored by producers. In other words, it’s chaos, and the only thing that matters is not the talent, not the votes, but what will bring in the most money.

The Voice dresses the contract up with fancy wording to gently inform contestants that over the course of filming, they will be screwed.

Here are some of the best (or worst) bits:

The show ‘may be disparaging, defamatory, embarrassing and may expose them to public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation.’

The show can portray contestants in a false light.

Contestants can’t sue NBC when filming is done.

NBC may ‘remove or replace’ a contestant at any point in time.

Contestants can be forced to undergo medical and psychological evaluations, and NBC is allowed to publicize the results.

NBC maintains that no manipulation has taken place, but there’s been way too much weirdness for that to be true.

Like what happened to Judith Hill? Come on, she was like superwoman on the show; there’s no way she didn’t get enough votes. Right?

Right. And Telescope, an outside company that monitors votes, called bullshit. Well, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but they did find some ‘inconsistencies.'

Producers of The Voice were eventually forced to admit that they have in the past failed to count thousands of votes cast via social media and text.

Awesome. So those of us at home that took the time to log on and vote for our favorites don’t even exist in the grand scheme of things? Sure it wasn’t that labor intensive, and yea, maybe we were voting while playing a mean round of text twist…. or something less nerdy. But damn, it still hurts.

It looks like everybody looses with this one. People looking to peruse their passion have to sign away their dignity just for a chance to make it big. And fans at home got a rude awakening too.

But hey, that’s show business, right?