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WATCH: Carl Barat & the Jackals release music video for "Sister"

MUSIC VIDEO | The UK band's first single from the upcoming EP Harder They Fall

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UK-based Carl Barat & the Jackals have just released a music video for "Sister", a track off their upcoming EP Harder They Fall.

This marks the band's most recent material since 2015 debut Let It Reign, that brought us favorites like "Glory Days" and "March of the Idle." It was an album that received generally favorable reviews but sorely missed it's due, as we consider it one of the best solo works to come from a Libertine. Barat is harsh around the edges whereas co-frontman Pete Doherty is much softer, using words to pierce his listeners instead of battling guitars.

The Libertines frontman had prior taken a break from fronting the Jackals to focus on the Libertines reunion and subsequent shows in 2015. However, with Doherty gearing up to release another solo album and bassist John Hassall prepares to release his first album with new band The April Rainers, it seems Carl Barat & the Jackals have reunited for the time being. Is there any hope for a new Libertines record, then, you ask? "We're looking to bed in together," Barat told NME. "We want to get our own place, which is a bit of a long and convoluted project. There's a lot of planning and maybes which I can't say too much about, but we're looking at getting our own factory."

Speaking of the Jackals' sound, Barat told NME: ""With The Jackals, I can get a lot heavier stuff under the radar than with The Libertines. I look for that, to do something different. There's no point having the same band twice with one of them little and one of them massive – like a penny farthing. There's a different chemistry and the boys are from a heavier music background so it's great to let rip a little. We've toyed with different directions but we want to keep it organic and free."

The video for "Sister" shows Barat and the band star alongside a cast that includes the Skinner Brothers, who hail from Barat's hometown in Hampshire, UK. The song is a guitar-driven descent into organized chaos, with Barat yelling the chorus ("Everybody's wasted") into the mic over and over.

Barat recently spoke about the concept behind the video as well: "We [The Jackals] grew up in small British rural towns and all felt alienated with no sense of belonging. The videos for 'Sister' and 'Burning Cars' [which will be released on May 26] allude to that feeling of being – isolated, lonely and trapped and for a lot of people its an accepted norm to feel that way."

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Harder They Fall is out May 26 - pre-order it here.

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