Carly Rae Jepsen made her late-night American television debut performing—what else?—"Call Me Maybe" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday, but it was what happened before the show aired that has us brushing off our love of cute cats in favor of a triangle and kazoo. Based certain photographic evidence, we knew Fallon and Our Girl CRJ were plotting ways to make the Song of the Summer (and arguably the Late Winter and Spring, if you were following Justin Bieber's recommendations) contender even cuter. Turns out their weapon of choice was tiny classroom instruments, y'know, of the Casio keyboard, bongo and ukulele, plus an accordion that replicates the same magic quality as heard within our own "Call Me Maybe" supercut. Carly Rae demonstrates some expert head bobs, and Fallon does a nice job teaming up with her on the vocals. Now it's all up to Scooter and NBC as to whether he can take a a few weeks off from his show to join the Believe tour this fall. We already know how he does with Justin Bieber material. Will someone take our request for "Freebird" next? Watch below.