What a flirt that Carly Rae Jepsen is—she's always teasing us new material! Case in point: the newest preview for her upcoming music video, "This Kiss." While it's only 26 seconds, after this morning's dramatic Twitter stunt, we can never be too cautious when it comes to covering Schoolboy promotional material. In short clip, Carly takes a much-needed night out on the town with her ladies. After they all presumably take the necessary dramatic moment at the club door, Our Girl dances around a group of revelers who appear to be celebrating Halloween early—or just have a fondness for animals. The bright hues of the tiger and elephant faces will go nicely with those statement heels that caught our eye last month. After dancing up a storm, Carly caps her night off by jumping into a pool with a long-haired mystery man and smooching underwater. What is it about Scooter's kids and swimming pools today? Since this is her first solo video since "Call Me Maybe," will there be a big reveal in the end? (Surprise! I'm melting?) Check it out below.