Our Girl Carly Rae Jepsen's album Kiss has cover art now, and it is with great(ly mild) embarrassment that we report we predicted wrong. Sort of. We predicted that the cover art would have a lipstick scrawl, a lip-print, Carly Rae blowing a kiss or all of the above. Nope--that's closer to Taylor Swift. Carly Rae's album looks like this:

Look familiar? To us, because we are versed and studied in these things, it does. Specifically, it looks eerily like another pop star's highly hyped debut album, released on the heels of one undeniable smash single, with a very pink cover, very girly typeface and jaunty-charming pose in a red shirt. Yep--this is Britney Spears' ...Baby One More Time." Oh, sure, the lettering's in different places, and Carly's styled a little differently. But you can see it, right?

We're not going Cover Art Cop on this because there are worse Britney covers to emulate, and more importantly, we're looking forward to the album too much to tease. See you on September 18?