"I signed this artst, Carly Rae Jepsen," Justin Bieber told old pal Ryan Seacrest on the radio Thursday. "She's got an awesome song, it's on iTunes." Silly, Justin. Does all the fun that comes with turning 18 have you forgetting your less than subtle role in Jepsen's dramatic climb up the iTunes chart? By now you've probably heard "Call Me Maybe" in the drugstore, office or through the headphones of a neighboring subway rider, but if not, all you need to know is that Bieber is obsessed with

the song by his fellow Canadian singer-songwriter. So much so that he's signed her to his Schoolboy Records label with Scooter Braun, aiming to work with her in the same way Usher did with him. There's no age requirement for mentoring, is there?

In between birthday surprises, Ryan Seacrest wrangled protege and mentor together for a quick chat. What's it like to be touched by the golden hand of The Bieb? "[It's] shock and awe and a lot of gratitude all mixed together," Jepsen explained. And how is she responding to the generous airplay her song is getting across North America? "It's always the same feeling [when hearing my song on the radio]: it's hard to believe, it's really, really exciting, it's what I've been working for [and] it's great." OK then. Because Bieber and friends make singing and dancing along to Carly Rae look so fun, plenty have followed suit with videos of their own, inspiring a "Call Me Maybe" Tumblrwhere fans are encouraged to submit their best creations. It's a rabbit hole of infectious silliness, which is always appreciated around these parts. Listen below for The Bieb's plans for his new artist as well as his attempts to stretch that curfew in his 18th year.