Joining the list of musical types who have entered the televised world of Beverly Hills' privileged and powerful, Carly Rae Jepsen will appear on the season five premiere of 90210, airing October 5. She'll play herself, crossing paths with the CW soap stars as "the headliner at Adrianna's Las Vegas premiere," while adding to the drama and intrigue that surrounds some umpteen incestuous love triangles, and obviously performing one of two songs: "Call Me Maybe" or "Good Time." You might think that come fall, everyone and their great grandmother will be sick of wondering if and when that hypothetical boy will call our girl, but until Adam Young is listed on the show's IMDB page, we'll have to go with the former. Let it be known that by October 6, 2012 there will not be one person left in North America who won't know how to properly respond to "Hey, I just met you..."

While this will be Jepsen's first "fictional" role (as herself), she's no stranger to television cameras. Remember that long before touring alongside Justin Bieber, CRJ got her start on Canadian Idol. Why it's taken us this long to explore her audition video—look at that puppy!—we'll never know. Welcome to Toronto, the Hollywood of The True North.