Caroline Kole Makes It Look "Easy"

With an EP due out October 4th, Popdust presents the latest offering from Nashville's rising star.


Caroline Kole has been making waves this year...

With multiple song drops, including the single "Missing Each Other" just last month, she has been keeping her wheels turning in between a steady set of live appearances. She has an EP slated for release on October 4th titled Freaking Out!, and critics are already clamoring to say good things about it. Popdust is pleased to announce that we have the exclusive on the next single drop from that EP. Check out what Kole has been cooking up below!

The track opens with a low-fi, post-processed beat. Its hook is immediately catchy and turns the track into a true earworm. Kole is vocally commanding and hits a rhythm and flow that makes it feel like she's leveled up her already impressive abilities.

Overall, Kole's offering here is strong. Lyrically, the track finds Kole having an argument with a disgruntled lover, fighting to reclaim steady ground in a turbulent relationship. The song captures the frustrations of long-term relationships and staying true to your personal goals and dreams while maintaining a steady partnership. You can dance to this track, sing along to its chorus, but also sit down and let it speak to your past. Kole has a natural voice and feel for pop music, and this song sits right in the sweet spot of catchy beats and emotive storytelling. Keep an ear out for Kole's EP in October!

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