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TFIF Flashback Friday – Carrie Underwood’s American Idol Audition

And Simon never changes.

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She must have been praying, Jesus, Take the Wheel, but songstress Carrie Underwood needed no divine intervention whatsoever at her audition for Season 4 of American Idol back in '05.

The Good Girl was far different than the superstar we know and love today. She was demure, a tad chubbier (but not by much), as green as a blade of fresh summer grass, and totally naïve about what her life was about to become.

Like many young ladies and gents with a dream, Carrie went to the local AI audition spot and tried for a seat on the show, competing against thousands of fellow hopefuls. But for Carrie, this was not going to be Just a Dream. Her country pipes would wow Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson and send her on her very first flight aboard an airplane to Hollywood!

In this video clip capturing the moment Carrie first won our hearts, we see her somewhat nerdy, but loving mom praise and cheer on her talented daughter as she sends her off into that nerve-wracking audition room.

We notice Carrie is not all too stylish, with flared jeans, a pink T-shirt, and a little lace tank beneath. Her hair is crunch-tastic with too much hairspray and she's pretty plain Jane. Pre-stylist, Carrie is cute but by no means the stunner she'll become within the next decade.

The 21-year-old Oklahoma darling is "soothed" by Randy and stared down by Simon. Oddly, they discuss the removal of a birthmark and she finally gets to singing.

Carrie impresses the judges with a country-twang version of I Can't Make You Love Me which flows from her lips nearly effortlessly. Simon stops her and says she's "very good" and she goes into a requested chicken impression. Why not?

Jackson asks for "more stage presence" and she sure worked on that through the years. No one can rock the pop or country stage like the current Carrie, from her impressive pipes to her enviable taut and toned thighs.

Alas! She was welcomed to Hollywood! Big hug from mom. First time on an airplane (of hundreds more to come) and this chick wins the season. The rest is history with a career that will no doubt last and last.

From humble honey to hot mama, Carrie Underwood is no underdog! She's a true American Idol!

Go back in time and flashback to Carrie's audition tape. Don't let Simon scare ya.

Scroll down to watch the Flashback Friday Carrie Underwod American Idol audition video

TFIF folks!

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Watch the Flashback Friday Carrie Underwood American Idol audition video
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