Despite being married to a burly hockey player who could break your legs in 57 places and leave you with two black eyes, Carrie Underwood has no problem spreading the love among her younger fans. During a show in Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend Idol's country queen selected one lucky fan from the audience desperate and direct enough to proclaim his burning desire on a homemade sign. Underwood plucked 12-year-old Chase from the crowd, and promptly asked him to recite his request (a "lip-to-lip" smooch) for the rest of the group.


"Just so you know my husband is somewhere in this building," Carrie warned. "He might be looking for you later." She continued to regale him with a story—stalling, maybe?—about her own first kiss at the old age of 14, expecting us to believe that she was ever some sort of awkward, ugly duckling. After honoring his request, Carrie instructed him to close his eyes and pucker up.



The expression on his face says it all. Know that it will never get better than this, kid.



Like the brave little Belieber before him, today's fans know how to get exactly what they want.