Carrie Underwood is ramping up the rock-glam in this year's Sunday Night Football intro. In a strapless dark blue mini, the country powerhouse commands the stage with just her voice, long blonde hair and enviable legs. "It's got a major star in Carrie Underwood," says coordinating producer Fred Gaudelli in a brand new behind-the-scenes teaser. "That's the right person to open up [this show]."

Underwood first stepped into the role last year, taking over the reigns from P!nk (2006) and Faith Hill (2007-2012). "I grew up watching football," Underwood shares. "I have a passion for it and I have a passion for music. It's kind of all of these things get to mesh together for this one event."

Throughout the teaser, various football players (including San Diego Chargers' Philip Rivers and Chicago Bears' Brandon Marshall) comment on what it's like to step out into the limelight in a new way. "It's great to be a part of it," notes Rivers. "It really is. My children are all old enough now. We all sit and watch it ever week."

Directed by Tripp Dixon, the behind-the-scenes video features plenty of action and insider secrets (green screens, trolleys, etc). "I think any time you get great players together and a talent like Carrie, it's gonna be big," Dixon shares of the experience.

Gaudelli adds, "I think the players realize that Sunday Night Football is the #1 show on television—that their faces are going to be up there every single week, welcoming people to the show."

Sunday Night Football returns Thursday, Sept. 4 with the Green Bay Packers take on the Seattle Seahawks.



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