During last night's (March 16) episode of Family Guy, Carrie Underwood's faith became the center of attention. Following a major loss of the Patriots against the Buffalo Bills, Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland go on a mission to find God. "Guys, I'm tired of God messing with football," Peter proclaimed, rather agitated. "We gotta do something about it. We gotta find God and tell him to cut the crap."

When the group attempts to research where God lives, they stumble upon a newspaper headline that reads: Carrie Underwood Credits Her Success To Personal Relationship With God.

"You think she knows where we can find him?" Cleveland pondered aloud.

"I'm sure she does," Peter replied. "She's smart. She won her job in a contest. Guys! We're going to Nashville."

The guys then sojourn all night to the Country Music Awards to find Underwood, who they believe will hold the key to finding Jesus' father. "You know [the awards] are huge because [they're] on a Tuesday night," Peter said as they headed backstage. "Hey look! There's Taylor Swift! And there's Taylor Not-So-Swift."

Peter then approached Underwood: "In that song 'Jesus Take The Wheel,' was that like the real Jesus or was it just some Mexican guy?"

The cartoon Underwood, a little miffed by his question, replied, "No, it was the real Jesus." Upon realizing she doesn't quite know where to find God (other than him being everywhere all the time), Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland decide to continue their quest for answers. Cartoon Jesus then entered, accusing cartoon Underwood, "Hey! You know I don't like you talking to other guys..."

"I'm sorry Jesus," Underwood apologized. "Whatever," he shot back, hands on his hips. "Give me 40 bucks. I want to buy a Toby Keith hat." Hilarious!

Check it out: