Last week, upright-bass-wielding American Idol hopeful Casey Abrams sat out of Thursday night's elimination show, thanks to a bout of ulcerative colitis that landed him in the hospital and in need of a blood transfusion. But all seems to be well with the raspy-voiced singer, who appeared at an Idol panel in Los Angeles last night and talked about feeling the power of love being beamed through his TV:

“I thought I was actually going to make it,” he continued about last Thursday’s show, “but I had to stay behind. It was fun and everyone waved at me, and I felt really supported by everyone, and I loved watching.”

How did he feel about the show and the group performance? “I hated seeing Ashthon go,” Abrams admitted, “but it was awesome seeing the group performance.” In fact, Abrams insisted on giving a shout out to the contestants who picked up his slack: “Thank you, Stefano [Langone] and Haley [Reinhart], for taking my part.”

Aw, good on you, Casey! Now just get that Pearl Jam song ready for tomorrow night's "Songs From The Year You Were Born" episode and you'll be all set.