People have been complaining about the unknown whereabouts of Beyonce's elusive fifth studio album since the Super Bowl, but the wait for Bey's next disc is nothing compared to the saga of Paris Hilton's sophomore album. The follow up to 2006's Paris (which shifted 200,000 copies in the States and actually managed to produce a genuine hit in "Stars Are Blind") was first "finished" way back in 2008, but here we are, half way through 2013, and the album is still nowhere to be seen.

In the past five years, Hilton's dropped a few random songs here and there (like the Afrojack-produced "Last Night" and the legendary "Drunk Text"), and last year she even launched an ill-fated career as a DJ. Every so often, she usually tells some random reporter that her new album is "coming soon," before slinking back to her busy life of shopping,  partying, and dating a string of men who are all far less famous than herself.

The latest update in the search for Hilton's musical comeback comes from showbiz reporter, Roger Friedman, who bumped into the original Kim Kardashian at a party in France (where else?). According to Friedman, Paris talked about the sound of her sophomore effort (“It's a lot different than my first album,” she said. “It’s really going to be house music.”), revealed that she's returning to DJing with a residency in Ibiza this summer, and most interesting of all, said that her new album will be released through Birdman's Cash Money records.

Does this mean that Hilton has officially joined the Young Money / Cash Money family? We don't know, but she did recently star as a jewel thief in Rich Gang's hilariously great "Tapout" music video, right alongside Nicki Minaj, Lil' Wayne, Birdman, and Christina Milian.

If the two labels can sign artists like Milian, Bow Wow, and Chanel West Coast, bringing Hilton into the fold isn't really much of a stretch.

Too bad that Hilton couldn't have gotten her act together a bit sooner. If she had released her microwaved electro-pop tunes with Flo-rida, Redfoo, and Afrojack a year or two ago when the American EDM trend was at its peak, she might have actually been able to crack the Billboard charts again. Oh well.