Pretty hilarious that this exists. Philadelphia rapper Cassidy—of mid-'00s hits "Hotel" and "I'm a Hustler" fame—has gone in a somewhat unexpected direction with his cover/freestyle/remix/whatever to Psy's world-beating "Gangnam Style, turning the song into a safe-sex anthem. The Kid Cass uses the verses to tell stories of him liasoning with various beauties, but refusing to do so without the proper protection, finally concluding on the chours: "Stroke 'em condom style / Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke 'em condom style." (He leaves in Psy's "HEYYYY SEXY LADY" part because why not.)

You'd have to be a pretty big fan of either Cassidy or "Gangnam Style" to ever want to listen to this song more than once, but it's a pretty clever interpolation of the song's melody and lyrics into the PSA-type messaging, and an impressive testament to the cultural pervasiveness of the Psy jam. Plus, high school Health teachers everywhere are gonna be overjoyed to have a song like this to give them an in with their students.