You'll notice we've been silent here about Christina Aguilera allegedly being or not being a diva on The Voice. This is because it is not news that Aguilera was never kicked off the show, along the lines of it not being news that Aguilera does not transform into a pumpkin after she leaves the set. We're also uncomfortable with the uncomfortable implications of the only woman on the show getting the diva-accusation squad, when all three coaches could have similar, similarly exaggerated campaigns leveled at them (Blake is BLATANTLY HOMOPHOBIC! Adam is DOUCHEY! Cee-Lo is OUT OF TOUCH WITH EARTH AND REALITY!) Don't just take it from us, though. Take it from Cee-Lo:

She’s a diva already. She’s got a glam squad. The word diva stems from a negative stigma. She’s a woman. A Queen, and she’s a King. She’s royally successful. So, I can’t knock her about nothing. That's Christina Aguilera. To me, she has one of the greatest voices of our time and I got nothing but respect for her.

We can't decide whether Cee-Lo coining "glam squad," getting "the word diva stems from a negative stigma. She’s a woman." out there to not enough fanfare, the whole queen/king thing, or the deft redirection of "diva" to its positive sense is the best thing about this quote. But then, it shouldn't even have been necessary. After all, Christina herself said the same thing in the chorus of "Keeps Gettin' Better." Observe!