The original video for the 80s-ed out Cee Lo Green song "Bright Lights, Bigger City" (it borrows its title from Jay McInerney and its bass line from Michael Jackson) featured Cee Lo being chauffeured around the streets of New York, looking like he owns the fucking place. The video for the song's remix, featuring rapper-of-the-moment Wiz Khalifa, leaves Cee Lo and his luxury automobile behind, letting the lights of the city (semi-literally) tell the story.

Neither Cee Lo nor Wiz appears in the video, which doesn't help out the latter much, considering that his remix verse already sounds fairly phoned-in to begin with. The "Black and Yellow" rapper comes off as distant and largely uninterested, making weak Lakers references and boring boasts of grandiosity. "We toast to the fact that we major / Matter of fact we tailored." If you say so, Wiz.