All the parents worried about high-fructose corn syrup and diabetes-inducing sugary sodas have a new enemy to direct their efforts towards, as Cee Lo lends his bald head and big smile to the latest 7UP campaign. The clip features Cee Lo through the ages, suggesting that The Voice coach owes his place in the world to the surprisingly musical bubbles contained within the soft drink. See, Mom! Look at how inspiring 7UP is! It's what turned Cee Lo onto music and helped make him into the man he is today! Or something. This is not as ridiculous as Method Man's Sour Patch Kids campaign, but that's also because it's not trying to be a music video, and doesn't involve food products dancing. Beat-boxing is a different story. For those who get annoyed that Lo wears his signature shades indoors during Voice tapings, it's really not his fault. The video below makes it clear that they've been stuck on his face since his crib days.