Celebrating The Long Overdue Demise Of 2014’s Most Annoying Word, Bae

Last year when Pharrell dropped the video for his new single, Come Get It Bae, a lot of white people, and pretty much anyone over thirty, were left wondering just how to respond to this lyrical command.

Was Bae a person? A thing? A procedure of some sort? Should Bae be frightened? Should we warn Bae? Could we perhaps glean some context from the rest of the lyrics? Or should we just smoke a joint and enjoy the rapturous beat, clapping along if we feel like a room without a roof?

Given’s Pharrell’s predilection for nonsensical albeit catchy lyrics, we would very possibly be led on a fruitless, meandering voyage that will take us from Dakota to Decatur.

A more succinct route, was to commission the expertise of Urban Dictionary, who had this to say:

Bæ/bae is a Danish word for poop.

Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.

Bae I love u so much

Brian, my bae

I just made a bæ

Not surprisingly, given the success of Come Get It, it wasn’t long before everybody started jumping on the Bae bandwagon…..the word (in its current annoying form) can actually be traced back to 2005, when it very first started creeping into hip hop lyrics—but it mother fucking exploded last year.

Bae even made it into one of the runner-up spots for Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year—before ultimately getting pipped to the post by the equally annoying, "vape."

The Oxford peeps defined Bae as thus:

Used as a term of endearment for one’s romantic partner, this term probably has more currency in the USA than it does in UK, unless you happen to be the parent of teenagers or a teenager yourself. Its origins are in African-American English, and it has proliferated through use on social media and in lyrics in hip-hop and R&B music.

Thankfully however, one sure fire way to know when a trend is over though, is when your father starts appropriating it (yeah, looking at you dad)—and yet further indication of its inevitable demise is when the corporations start hijacking it in a vain attempt to get down with the kids.

NOTE TO CORPORATIONS: Bae was never cool to begin with—so, IHOP, your “Pancakes bae <3” tweet really missed the mark—especially given the fact, Pizza Hut had already SLAYED it in the laughably attempting to be hip stakes with their August tweet “Bacon Stuffed Crust. Bae-con Stuffed Crust.”

Not to mention the fact, Denny’s, Arby’s, Pizza Hut, AT&T, Mountain Dew, and arbiter of all that is REAL COOL, Wal-Mart, had been tweeting the shit out of Bae for weeks previously.

NOTE TO PEOPLE STILL USING BAE (WITHOUT EVEN A HINT OF IRONY): When those corporation crazy cats jump on the “cool” it truly is “cool” no longer.

So, let’s take a moment to celebrate its demise—let’s all kick off our thick-cushioned soles, get all turnt up on orange wine, sit back, chillax and consciously uncouple from Bae


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