Celebrities Grab Their Balls in Charity Challenge For Testicular Cancer

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Forget about ice buckets: The new celebrity challenge has men grabbing their balls in an effort to raise awareness about testicular cancer.

The Feeling Nuts campaign comes from Check One Two, started in the UK by two sets of brothers and inspired by news of a young man who died from the cancer due to embarrassment and lack of information.

The British TV channel C4 will be airing a prime time special aimed at raising awareness about testicular cancer, which is treatable in its early stages. The show promises to be entertaining and upbeat, featuring 'talent from the world of music, comedy, TV, film and sport.'

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Men are asked to use the hashtag #feelingnuts when they post their photos on Twitter and Instagram.

Hugh Jackman enlisted some friends in a crotch-grabbing selfie, and promptly challenged Ricky Gervaise, who complied with a challenge to William Shatner. (Note to Bill Shatner: that's okay, just ignore.)

This is a great concept, isn't it, ladies and gays? So many men, so many balls!

Let's hope our favorite crotches step up to this worthy challenge. Jared Leto, I'm talking to you.



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