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In a busy week of Celebrity Apologies, Pharrell is likely to suffer the biggest backlash for his offense. Posing for a special edition of Elle magazine in a feather headdress has raised the ire of the Native American community and others, launching the twitter hashtag #NotHappy.

In a statement released Wednesday night, Pharrell said: I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry.

But not so fast, the Internet has responded, dismissing his claim of Native American ancestry as irrelevant. Cultural Appropriation has become a serious offense, and it's surprising that Pharrell and his handlers were so naive to commit this blunder. Maybe they thought that since he hasn't been blasted by the Canadian Mounties, he had a carte blanche on headgear.

Earlier in the week, we had Jack White apologizing for insulting The Black Keys, Adele, and his ex-wife Meg for his negative comments in a Rolling Stone interview. At least White is known as an eccentric, so his gaffes will be easier to forgive, we can assume.

Then there was Jonah Hill, whose media apology tour for homophobic slurs was considered state of the art by apology experts at the New York Daily News.

Justin Bieber had just finished up apologizing for a youthful racist joke when yet another video emerged, this time with a KKK joke. I'm not sure  whether Bieber has issued an all-new apology or is hoping the first one can cover all past and future offenses in the racism category.

That's it for now, Stay tuned for next week's Celebrity Apology Round-Up!