Between the quintessential crazy faces and rich quotables, all interviews with Céline Dion are worth watching, whether she's promoting a new album or endorsing a new line of hair removal cream. During her special one-on-one conversation with Today on Monday morning, Dion made room for juicier topics by addressing Kate Winslet's recent comments about "My Heart Will Go On." You know, the much blogged about  complaint about how the Titanic theme song is so annoying and follows her everywhere, even after two Oscars, one divorce and a second film with Leonardo DiCaprio. "The way for me to see it is that "My Heart Will Go On" gave me the opportunity to be associated with a classic that will live forever," explained Dion. "If I just count how many times I've sung it, maybe it'll get me sick." Honest, yet appreciative.

While the response from the best singer in the world was not on the same level as the Nicki Minaj vs. Peter Rosenberg/Funkmaster Flex/all of Hot 97 following Sunday's Summer Jam fiasco, she still managed to throw in some snark, saying that all poor Winslet has to do is hear the song—until the end of time. "If she just feels tired just hearing it, and like, throwing up, I'm glad she was not the one singing it!" Now that's the Celine we know and love. Watch below.

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Despite Grammys, a Vegas show and three children, Dion's famous 26-year age difference with husband René Angélil still manages to be a constant interview topic, even though we've been living in a Céline world for over 20 years. Acknowledging that her own marriage raised some brows, Dion expressed thoughts on the possibility of her eldest son, René Charles, marrying a woman two decades his senior—in the only way she knows how: through song. Cue a few spoken bars of "Taking Chances" which serves to let all the single 37-year-olds out there looking to get a piece of the Dion prize know they'll need to prepare a rebuttal tune for the inevitable sing-off that will take place at the Angélil compound. Please bring cameras.