Sexy Korean songstress Son Dam Bi didn't have much luck in our Greatest K-Pop Song of All Time tournament, getting knocked out in the first round by Brown Eyed Girls' star Ga-In, but we're hoping that she'll fare much better with her new EP, Dripping Tears.

The EP's tearful title track is a lovely melodic dance ballad that's sure to send the chair-dancing superstar back to the top of the charts, but it's the non-single (track No. 3, to be exact) "Emergency Call" that's really caught our attention. The europop banger has all the ingredients of a perfect K-diva hit: a pumping club beat, frosty synths, repetitive lyrics, and an incredibly attractive female at the helm.

If you're concerned that the language barrier will prevent you from being able to sing along to Dam Bi's new smash, fear not—as long as you can manage the lines "do it do it" and "ah ah ah ah" about a million times in a row, you'll be just fine.